3 Types of “Emotions” that you can use while Marketing your Product or Service

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Emotions can be funny things they sneak up on you -: Anik Sarkar

Let’s say you are the Marketing Manager of a well-known cushion company. Now you have been assigned the task to Market two new products which are Neck Pillow and Neck Pillow with Gel in such a quirky way that when a consumer watches the respective pillows advertisement it captures his/her emotional attention.

Here is your Market Segmentation:

  • Age Group between 18–40
  • Location “Country X”

So, below are some of the different types of emotions along with their examples that you can use as your models to market your product or service in a quirky manner while hinting at your Target Audience’s Emotions:

Negative Emotions

Propelling a feeling of anxiety, fear in your customers to push them to immediately consider your offerings.


  • Everlasting Satisfaction

Do you feel like your boyfriend’s shoulders aren’t that staunch and reliable anymore? Well! He might not feel the caring affection for you anymore. So, what would you do now?

Don’t worry a bit, we have a far better solution for you. You must use our “Neck Pillow with Cooling Gel Mask” which provides ultimate comfort and would tickle your satisfaction.

Do you know what the best part is? It lasts longer. Isn’t it cool?

  • Why don’t I bang?

We know that you always have a bad day at the office. Boss loves yelling at you, work files love piling near you and we can’t resist pitying you. We are good at rhyming.

All this drama makes you feel like banging your head on the office desk. Bang it, no one is stopping you, but not on the office desk, it’s quite hard, isn’t it? Instead use our Nap Pillow, which would help you in cooling your temper and the most exciting and tempting part is that the moment you bang your head on the desk you will be dozed off that will be the best nap of your life.

After this, you will love banging more. Don’t take it another way.

Fiction Emotions

Customer is a King indeed. Let them have fun in their fancy fiction kingdom, so that they can anticipate your offerings.


  • I am the king, I am ruling this world. Wake up dude, it’s just a pillow. This would be the consequence of fantasy-dreams you might feel every day if you start using our Nap Pillow.
  • If traveling is a part of your life then you must use a Neck Pillow. You might miss your traveling destination if you dozed off on this pillow but a soulful and relaxing sleep is guaranteed.

Positive Emotions

A pick of tickling of a positive vibe makes a person reach to the peak of the adrenaline. When you endure in your Target Audience a touch of positivity, they generally embrace the favor through Word of Mouth.


  • Good for posture, keeps your head and neck in a natural position.· Quite sustainable and comforting for your office hours (works as a desktop pillow for taking naps at the office).
  • They are made up of soft material. Allows muscles in your neck to relax. The pillows cover can absorb more heat and acts as a temperature regulator. The cooling surface of the pillow helps in eliminating pain and provides a cooling effect to the body. It jams quite conveniently in the corporate environment.

As you have seen above that through different types of emotions a consumer generates different kinds of stimuli which helps in processing his/ her needs and wants. This blog will help you with how you can align your offerings with various sets of Emotions that you are portraying through your product or service.

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