Here is the UX/UI case study for the personal finance management application FinFlow.

FinFlow is an all in one platform to track your budget and gain the knowledge about personal finance management.

In Finflow you can keep a daily track of your income and expenses.

The application have exciting features…



Scale up your ranks by optimizing social media platforms.

Social Media Strategy for Leisure Hotels, India (Hypothetical Name)

Social Media has become an integral part of growing business online. Even the Hospitality Industry has begun to establish its roots in this particular form of the business genre.

Let’s take the case of Leisure Hotels. They would like to utilize social media platforms in a well-structured manner to build a community of people who are passionate about the services they are offering.

They have chosen Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter as their Prime social media platforms.

Let’s look at the strategies that they can adhere to: