Best Social Media Content Ideas to Leverage in 2021


Awareness Stage: To promote the services of Company A on different social media channels and make the awareness about their respective products in the target audience group.

Considering Stage: Providing incentives and offers to the target audience who have begun to consider the products of the company’s services:

Why Social Media?

“According to research by BufferApp, tweets with images get 18 percent more clicks, 89 percent more favorites, and 150 percent more retweets.

Other research by BufferApp showed that visual content has 94% more total views and is 40 times more likely to be shared on social media” Over a period of time each and every firm is trying to leverage the unique services of Social Media platform, which heavily incorporates visual elements.

It is important to state that visual elements have become more and more relevant for Social media, especially concerning the engagement with users. Images, graphs, animated gifs, recorded videos and, most recently, live videos.

All of these are as important as text content, links and hashtags, which have become an exclusive and innovative way of presenting the information to the required user in a very innovative manner.

Type of Content

So, how Company A can leverage the social media giants “Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and among others” for their further business growth and for optimum utilization of their respective services?

Videos (Facebook, Instagram and YouTube)

Idea to Prototype

Complete videos can be shown of how a product into its ideation stage being transformed into a proper prototype.

(For example, showing a video of the thorough process of building a mobile game)


Tutorials related to how the respective product can be used, the working of security automation and how the product can be used through mobile.

All these methods can be used to gather the attention of the mass audience.

Tutorials would help in building customer relationships and it would make the presence of the company more livable and enchanting.

(For reference: Adobe Creative Cloud’s YouTube Page

( )

Customer Testimonials

So, how about getting the views from the clients itself related to the services they enjoyed from Company A?

This process would be really helpful in bringing in more clients and building the trust aspect in them.

Videos Portfolio

Short one-minute videos related to the portfolios created for the client can be used, to make the engagement process between the customers more engaging.

(Reference link: )

Similar portfolio videos can be made for promoting services like web pages, UI/UX designs, Landing Pages, mobile applications.

Live Commentary and Time Lapse video With a quick video, Company A can showcase a time-lapse of a creative project or provide some quick commentary on a piece from your portfolio.

(Reference Link:

Experts View

Experts from their respective field like UI/UX design, application development can provide their views related to upcoming trends or did they tackle a particular challenge in their respective field of specialization.

This would be an interesting way of influencing the target audience.

Live Commentary and Time Lapse video with a quick video can showcase a time-lapse of a creative project or provide some quick commentary on a piece from Company A’s portfolio.

(Reference Link:

Showcasing own design concepts Working on different types of projects would definitely give birth to new design concepts or ideas. Company A could show such concepts in the form of video by explaining how they discover such a design concept and how it is benefiting their clients?

Offer Free Webinars Webinars

Webinars are a great way to hold online seminars and reach people outside of your local area.

The same thing applies here.

There isn’t any need to push the services, just provide valuable information and people may be interested in hiring the expert.

LinkedIn Polls

For getting the real-time results and to get a behind the scenes look at what your target audience is saying about your services, LinkedIn poll is a naïve approach.

It would let the company create polls and distribute them to the targeted networks and/or specific people that the firm wants to hear from.

Blogs and Case Studies

(Facebook, Twitter, Medium, Instagram and LinkedIn) Blogs are an interactive and influential way of gaining mass engagement.

Writing blogs related to “current trends or in the form of futuristic trends to look out for in the respective industries or maybe a tutorial blog”, would gauge a lot of attention.

(Reference link:

Using real-time examples of case studies, like the projects initiated and completed by Company A, what was impact of those projects, what problems did the company solved for the clients, what new techniques did they employ and how much successful were those projects turned out to be for the clients and among many other factors can be included in the case studies.

(Reference Link: Excellent blogs and case studies can be used by other publications on Medium for the purpose of guidance and tutorials.

Sharing the links of the blogs on social media result in added exposure, and possibly lead others to share the link with their own followers.

Apps like HootSuite and Socialoomph allow you to schedule the sharing to make it hands-free.

Furthermore, to make the blogs and case studies more lively animations can be used on the platform like Instagram.

Animations would depict complete storyline related to the blogs and case studies. It would be helpful in making the overall process interesting.

Display Reviews (Facebook and Twitter) Taking client reviews and displaying on social media platforms defines the gutsy admiration of the company.

Company A can employ the above-mentioned method to get in depth details regarding the feedback they have received over their respective services.

Portfolio Pictures (Facebook, Instagram and Twitter) Sharing the pictures of the actual portfolio created for the clients, the customization made in the portfolio is impressive to show the skills and abilities to the target audience.

It can also be in the form of a site redesign, revamping a client’s brand online, UI/UX patterns, Mobile game etc.

Paid Promotion (Facebook and Instagram) For Company A to get more traction on Social Media Platform, along with the organic reach, they can work on social media ads, which can help Company A achieve millions of views on their respective posts.

This in turn, gives their services a push and ultimately brings up more lead. Paid promotion can be run for specific posts like:

1. Video Portfolio

2. Pictures Portfolio

3. Blogs and Case Studies

4. Customer Testimonials

The promotion of services in social media groups will implicitly bring better results since members are already interested in similar services.

Illustrations and Graphics (LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram) Using the emerging graphic designing trends for 2021, like motion graphics, 3d Designs, flat illustrations or fun GIF’’s, Company A can encourage people to engage with their content.

(For reference: )



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