Must read campaign ideas about Mutual Funds

Vedant Kankrecha
2 min readMar 5, 2021


Some quirky ways to spread awareness about Mutual Funds.

The objective of the campaign would be to spread the “awareness about the mutual funds”.

The target market for this campaign would be people between the age of 18 to 60 years.

The particular set of posts reflect different kind of emotions and it is in the storytelling format, that can be used on various digital platforms: 

Husband to his wife: “I caught our son red handed playing poker”. The worst part is that he lost all that money in the game too, at least he should have won something. Had I listened to you, I should have invested that large sum in mutual funds. 

After having an intimate moment, wife to husband “you are even faster than the guy saying “Mutual Funds are subject to market risks”. 

Son to his father: Dad, I got bonus from office, I would buy a gift for my girlfriend.

Father: I saw her with some other guy yesterday, why don’t you invest that money in mutual funds, at least someone would give you a good return. 

Gunmen to office employee: Your boss told me you didn’t invest in mutual funds even though he asked you to do so, why didn’t you? 

A guy to his friends: Fellas, what game are you playing on Mobile, Pubg or what? Dude it’s called the game of mutual funds



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