Top Sprout Social Features that you must master

  • Helps to understand the current trends in the industry.
  • Helps in keeping an eye on industry influencers who can become brand advocates.

Smart Inbox

Wouldn’t it be great if you can find one ultimate tool from where you can customize your message, send it across through all social media platforms in the form of a post, in the form of response, etc?

Create a task and retweet it on Twitter

You don’t have to switch to your Twitter profile to reply or to retweet a particular tweet. Well, the smart inbox provides more in-depth features along with retweeting. You can create a task for your team members, save it for later usage, and can create an email conversation with the respective Twitter user.

Manage Brand Keywords

When you are managing tonnes of social media accounts related to different social media platforms, the strategy for finding the exact keyword becomes quite cumbersome. But Sprout Social has all your answers upright. You can use a feature known as “Manage Keywords”, which provides the efficiency to track the right keyword.

Keeping a track of many websites through RSS

Sprout Social enables you to directly view the website by collating the links from RSS feed for the topics that you are interested in.

Sprout Queue

Well, you don’t have to get into the hustle-bustle of looking in the insights-analytics part of your social media channels to schedule your respective social media post. Leave that job to Sprout Social, which has a unique feature that helps you to automatically schedule the social media post on the respective social media channels at that particular time when your target audience is most active.

Find Content

To stay ahead in the race with your competitors, you have to follow up on the latest trends, which are hot in your respective industry. To serve your purpose, Sprout Social has a feature known as “Find Content”, which provides you with the latest content that is ruling in your respective industry. To make this particular feature more impressive, you can look at the traction that the topics that you have searched have received on different social media platforms. This insight would be helpful for you to further plan your content strategy.



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