User Experience Case Study

Problem Statement

Project Brief:

According to Statista there are 25 million people who

professionally participate in basketball in the USA.

High school basketball in the USA is a high growing market

with annual participants over .5 million high school basketball

players each year.

Over .4 million boys and .35 million girls have participated in

high school basketball in the past 1 year. The numbers are

growing incredibly year by year.

The above mentioned statistics highlight a gap of a potential

hidden market, “ which is that the players at high school

basketball can be given much more attention and emphasis

through more digital recognition ”.

There are certain platforms and websites, which specifically

give emphasis to budding college level basketball players and

NBA G league players. The websites highlights the following

benefits for the players:

● Their college interests and other basketball team offers.

● Professional statistics and analysis of their performance

(shooting range, shooting percentage etc.)

● A wide recognition over social media channels.

● Professionals video recorders and video journalists

assisting basketball players.

The above mentioned and among many other benefits do not

exist for high school basketball players.


A mobile based sports application, which will be specifically

built to help High school basketball players and which will

provide all the information that will help them to excel.

The application will provide them the following benefits (for



● The statistical analysis and deep insights of their

individual and overall performance against each team.

High School Basketball players can submit their videos

on our platform.

We have learnt from our social media

presence that basketball players might like to get their

videos out so that the videos of their respective play can

be noticed by coaches and recruiting teams . We

understand that this is something that we can leverage

and monetize from it.

For which we have designed this subscription model:

“The $35 highlight package is ~59 sec IG video + promotion

on our page & the other is the spotlight package which is

~59sec IG video, 1 minute YouTube video.

The media page with video attached & clips + promotion all for


Providing Interests to High School Basketball Players

The application will also act as a facilitator for players and

recruiting teams who are actively looking for the right

high school basketball player who can represent their


The application will provide a creative visualization of all

the High School Teams, their past performances, their

schedule of the matches and leading scoreboards and stats.

(Source taken from NBA G league

mobile application )

Here are is the specific demographic and lookalike that we

would be targeting for our interview and user research:

High Basketball Player : Will Smythe

Age Demographic (14 -18 years) : 18 year

Actively Looking for recruitment : Yes

Could he be the potential player for who might benefit

from our platform? : Yes

1. Interview Questions

In order to get more in depth about mobile application for

high school basketball players, I have designed a set of more

enhanced questions.

The questions will help to cover what the user needs, their

expectations and the changes we might require in our

existing mobile application.

Based on the above mentioned demographics, here are some

of the questions that would be helpful in understanding the

user well.

● What platforms would you like to use to showcase your

basketball skills and performance to recruiting coaches and

recruiting college teams?

● What tools do you use to understand the statistical part of your


● If not, what tools will help you to understand the statistical part of

your individual performance?

● What type of videos (or any other form of content) do you think

will highlight your performance at its best?

(This will help in understanding the social media network that

can work most for the players and accordingly we can incentivize

the video platform)

● Would you be interested in knowing your sharp areas and need

to work upon areas through deep insights? (in addition to

question number 2)

● Would you be interested in knowing about the platform, which

provides in depth details about high school basketball teams,

their stats, their recruitment procedure?

● What do you think the recruiting coaches look for?

● Reasons to opt for or to not for a digital portal for recruitment?

● Which social media platform do you think can work better for you

in order to highlight your performance?

● Would be interested in accessing the mobile application that

provides the schedule of all ongoing high school matches across

the nation?

( For example, The Grind Session, which highlights the play of

dominant high school basketball teams)

● How do you think the high school basketball ecosystem can be

more optimized for better opportunities?


● From the results that we will acquire from the interview, I

will be able to figure out the empathy map, pains and gains

of users.

● The further results will help me to make an information

architecture, which will be further helpful in making user flow,

wireframing and prototyping.


● Please check out the below mentioned mobile and web


NBA G league:

Cric Heroes (India based cricket application)



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